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WP Affiliate Review Builder

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The Easiest & Quickest Way To Create Affiliate Review Pages…

Salespage: WP Affiliate Review Builder

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WP Affiliate Review Builder

WP Affiliate Review Builder

WP Affiliate Review Builder The Easiest & Quickest Way To Create Affiliate Review Pages…

Easily Transform Any Page Into A Great Look Affiliate Review Page…

As a full-time web based affiliate marketer myself, I know that it’s important to use a proper review page format because if your website looks unofficial when someone visits to get information about a product, it’s going to kill your conversion rates and make a waste of your traffic.

Create product rating bars where you can rate a product on as many different aspects as you wish. Product Review Boxes

Easily create great looking affiliate review boxes that showcase the product you are promoting. You can add in your own image, review, rating and your affiliate link.

Enter In Your Product Details
Simply enter in your product details and any images or affiliate links you want included.

Add The Shortcodes To Your Blog Post or Page
Simply paste in the Shortcodes to your blog post or page in the location you want the elements to appear.

Give Yourself A Pat On The Back
That’s all it takes! You now have a great looking affiliate review page that will help you make more commissions.

WP Affiliate Review Builder is a WordPress plugin that allows users to easily create product review pages that look official.

In other words, it allows you to publish reviews that resemble what customers have come to expect a legitimate review page to look like.

I’m usually not very fond of borrowing from a product’s sales page for my review, but this image shows a plain text article before and after WP Affiliate Review Builder has been activated and it really says it all…

WP Affiliate Review Builder gives you an elegant and visually appealing review widget as shown at the top of the review on the right.

This is basically where you enter the key points (pros and cons) of the product along with a thumbnail or small size image of the product itself.

At the bottom, it shows your rating for the product and a call-to-action button at the bottom right which is where you would add your affiliate link.

You will notice I have something similar on my review page and I include it on every single review.

The difference is that I’m using a $59 WordPress theme to get these features and WP Affiliate Review Builder is a $14 plugin that can be used with any theme of your choice (free or paid).

And I’m not sure if I’m just saying this because I’m tired of looking at my own reviews, but my personal opinion is that WP Affiliate Review Builder’s summary widget is better looking than mine!

Official Website Page : https://www.wpmarketertools.com/affiliate-review-builder/

You can also place rating bars like the ones shown towards the middle of the screenshot above and these will allow you to break down your ratings and explain the scores in an organized and structured manner.

Finally, WP Affiliate Review Builder includes the optional feature to compare and contrast prices from around the web and they provide you with images for the popular stores or you can choose whether you want to use your own images or none at all.

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