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Video Traffic Genie

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NEW Software Allows You To Legally Steal Other People’s Video Traffic And Earn Affiliate Commissions In 24 Hours Or Less…

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Video Traffic Genie

Video Traffic Genie

Video Traffic Genie NEW Software Allows You To Legally Steal Other People’s Video Traffic And Earn Affiliate Commissions In 24 Hours Or Less…

Conceptually, this is a simple strategy to employ, but thankfully it’s not easy for just anyone to pull off.

Keep reading if you want to find out how to be among the few insiders to learn this unique strategy and discover the “secret sauce” that I’d be willing to bet you’ve never thought of and even fewer will EVER do.

You already know video marketing is probably the most powerful online marketing method you can use online, right?

You already know videos have got tons of SEO and social media benefits inherently baked right in. You’ve seen all the software that can blast your videos to 1,001 different video sites.

I know you understand that social signals are some of the most powerful ranking factors that you simply CAN NOT ignore if you care at all about getting found through search (YouTube even incorporates social share buttons right on every video to make it easy for you to share, fast).

You “get” how to optimize the channels, descriptions, tags and how to include the url’s inside of them strategically to get traffic, already, right?

Ok, so the MOST FRUSTRATING problem that keeps people like you from ever making any money with all these other software tools, though, is… The DAMN SETUP!

You don’t want to sit there spending hours learning how to create videos, right? You don’t want to spend time, money and effort looking to outsource that stuff, either. Then you fumble around trying to figure out how to get those videos distributed.

Next, you wait. Waiting, hoping and praying forever before you start seeing any signs of possible traffic.

Your Fears Are Completely Understandable

You don’t want to potentially waste money on paid traffic to your videos without knowing if you’ll ever see a return on investment, right?

What if you spend money on getting paid traffic, but it turns out it wasn’t very targeted? That would be such an unfortunate waste of time and effort.

What if there was an easier and faster way? … An easier and faster way to get FREE, targeted, BUYER traffic…

What if you, instead, step right into a highly targeted stream of dialed in traffic? Traffic that’s absolutely perfect for getting pre-qualified eyeballs that are ready to buy your offers.

How can you possibly make that happen, like NOW?

So at this point, you may be wondering “Paul, how in the world are you getting targeted traffic from YouTube WITHOUT having to rank videos, pay for video ads or even make a video?”

Great question! Are you ready to be blown away? Ok here it is…

The overall strategy behind VTG consists of us finding videos that people uploaded to YouTube and completely forgot about. But the real trick comes in when we find videos that people uploaded, added a link to their site in the description area AND then completely forgot about.

This is where our money is made because more times then not:

These videos are still getting a ton of traffic
And the owner of the video never renewed the registration for the domain.
That means you can easily pick up the domain name for less than $10, and redirect the traffic ANYWHERE you want!! In a very short period of time, we AND our students have been able to find dozens upon dozens of videos that are still getting thousands of visitors per day – and now you can too!

Talk about a genius strategy, right? And here is where our software makes things even easier for you…

Video Traffic Genie automatically finds videos in any niche that are getting tons of traffic that you can steal. All you have to do is input your target keyword and VTG will populate all of the best videos for you to get traffic and sales from. That means you can start finding hugely profitable videos just a few minutes after downloading VTG! Built-in keyword suggestion tool to find hot keywords

Official Website Sales Page : http://videotrafficgenie.com/jvzspecialpro/