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Vidadz + OTOs

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Vidadz + OTOs – New Revolutionary Plugin Lets You Display Your Ads INSIDE YOUTUBE VIDEOS And Make Visitors Who Watch Videos on Your Site to Click on YOUR ADS Bringing You Continuous Product Sales and Commissions

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Vidadz + OTOs

Vidadz + OTOs – New Revolutionary Plugin Lets You Display Your Ads INSIDE YOUTUBE VIDEOS And Make Visitors Who Watch Videos on Your Site to Click on YOUR ADS Bringing You Continuous Product Sales and Commissions

Vidadz Features:

  • Get the best click-through rate on your website with YouTube in-video overlay ads.
  • Automatically insert banner ads inside embedded YouTube videos on your website.
  • Add/manage overlay banner ads on YouTube videos in any of your site’s posts, pages, and custom post types.
  • Instantly boost your traffic & make more money every single day.
  • Diversify your online income, sell more products, get affiliate commissions, and lots mor

Increase your traffic, ad exposure, and site revenue by placing relevant banner ads directly over any embedded YouTube video…

Monetize any YouTube Video
In Just 3 Simple Steps
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  • Upload your banners and add product link, CPA offer links, or affiliate links.
  • Create an ad and add it to any YouTube video and generate a shortcode.
  • Copy the shortcode & insert the shortcode in a page or post.
Video Contents Increase Conversion and Revenue

Video content is highly effective at catching peoples’ attention and even driving conversions. It has become the best way to train, inform, sell, entertain, or market anything online.

Need some convincing? Consider this: 55% of people pay more attention to videos than written or spoken content. 95% are more likely to remember what they’ve seen.

Whether you’re teaching, training, or persuading, video content on your website can move you closer to your goals.

Anyone Can Embed a Simple Video

Thanks to video hosting sites like YouTube, you can share a video for free online and embed it inside your website. YouTube provides free hosting and reliable video delivery to everyone, combining it with the best search infrastructure available.

An embedded code pulls the video from the original source, allowing you to display a video without having to host the file on your website. YouTube videos are embedded on well over 16 million sites today.

YouTube Videos Are Incredible Advertising Real Estate

Why does YouTube allow embedding of their video content?

In reality, the motivation behind YouTube allowing you to embed YouTube videos on your website is almost certainly to get more users to click on the overlay ads on the embedded videos.

Because YouTube makes money primarily through advertising, its incentives are aligned with getting users to view as many videos as possible so they can serve more ads.

Google is horse-dancing straight to the bank because of the immense success of YouTube videos as ad spaces. Google has been making billions from ads embedded in videos posted by users from across the world.
So with this huge ad space potential in mind…

Start Monetizing your Videos or Other People’s Videos and Grow your Existing Revenue
take control
Take Control of Video Content on Your Website

The Vidadz plugin allows you to easily create ads and ad groups and insert them into YouTube videos in WordPress using shortcodes.

Place Relevant Ads Directly Over YouTube Videos
With Vidadz, you can increase your ad exposure and site revenue by placing relevant ads directly over your YouTube videos. Vidadz enables you to serve ads that take the video content being watched into account.
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This really is a hands-off approach to marketing any product and making commissions off other peoples’ products.
Place Ads in Plain View
Vidadz allows you to place ads directly where your visitors are going to be looking, which means your ads will always be seen and available to be clicked on.
Create a More Engaging Interactive Experience 
Vidadz also allows you to provide a much more engaging, interactive experience with any information you want to share.
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Runs Automatically and You Keep 100% of Your Income
The whole process runs automatically, you’ll keep full control over the banner ads, and you keep 100% of the income without paying YouTube or anyone for this space!

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