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Site Speed Profits

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Why Would Local Businesses Care About Their Slow Loading Website?
Simple. According to Google’s statistics, 40% of Mobile Searches have LOCAL INTENT!…

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Site Speed Profits

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Site Speed Profits Why Would Local Businesses Care About Their Slow Loading Website?Simple. According to Google’s statistics, 40% of Mobile Searches have LOCAL INTENT!…

We knew this change was coming since we’ve got our finger on the pulse of Google’s changes. We live this business 24/7 and there really is advantage to being first with solutions.

Providing the local consultant with the latest in ‘HOT’ service offerings AND making it easy to implement them is our bread and butter. We live for it.
AND, what we offer to our consultant friends comes directly from our own ‘Real World Testing Laboratory”. Thats right, we experiment first, modify and test some more, before we bring anything to you. (You don’t need to be someone’s ‘guinea pig’.)

Sites must be properly optimized to improve these loading times… which means local business sites need professional help.

Consultants can profit like never before because there is no “Simple Quick Trick” To Fool Google! You have to know what you’re doing.

So, Nick and I knew we were onto something big, something that would make a huge difference to local site owners AND to Local Consultants, but still…

We Needed To Find 3 Solutions
Solution #1
Design the best way to find websites that loaded slowly. We needed to some up with a fast, reliable way to do this so a consultant could build a large prospecting database, fast.
Solution #2
Then we needed to engineer a new software application that would automatically (using our search requirements) search and compile all the slow websites at the push of a button.
Solution #3
Finally, we needed to locate and test the most reliable, most efficient and affordable service to perform the ‘speed improvements’ to the sites who hire our consultants.

Official Sales Website Page : http://www.sitespeedprofits.com/main-page25374925

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