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Short Blazer

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How You Can Write a Full Length Kindle Short 2500  wordsm In An Hour Or Less

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Short Blazer

Short Blazer

Short Blazer How You Can Write a Full Length Kindle Short 2500  words In An Hour Or Less

Proven Formula Produces High Quality Kindle Short Books – Fiction and Non-Fiction – In Under An Hour

No Fancy Software To Buy or Use
No Outsourcing Needed
Easily Create Dozens of Books In a Few Days!

Are You Struggling to Get Your Book Empire Off the Ground?

I know how frustrating it is to fail to get a book finished. You have a plan, you are going to write…and you simply don’t know how to organize or present your information.

Of if you’re writing fiction, you aren’t sure how to tell the story.

For Kindle Shorts, this makes it easier…but it isn’t a cakewalk. You still need to know the best ways to present the story and do it in a way that finishes the book quickly.

Imagine Completing A High Quality Book In An Hour…Or Less

That seems impossible, right?

I mean, we are talking about a 2500 word book. That’s 2500 words written in an hour or less. Don’t think it’s doable?

At first, I scoffed too. I didn’t think I produce that quickly. When I first started writing, it took me several hours to get that many words on a page.

But then I started to think about how I was writing, how I was organizing my thoughts, and how I could cut down on the time it took me to get words on a page.

My first iteration of Word Blazer doubled my word count per hour…from 600 to 1200 or more, simply by making a few changes to my working process. But it ended up being more than that.

Further refinement pushed the word count per hour over 2000 and I finally felt hyperproductive.

I’m excited to show you this limited release video guide that will walk you through quickly producing short books without hassle or fuss.

You’ll reduce the time it takes to produce full sized “Shorts”, 2500 words, down to an hour or less.

It’s an awesome way to not only produce a single book quickly, but it also enables you to produce hundreds of books without effort!

The Four Main Techniques to Increasing Word Count

Inside Shortblazer, I’m going to walk you through the four primary techniques used to produce Kindle Shorts (fiction or non-fiction), in under an hour.

These four techniques are:

Eliminating the Need to Think
Unique “Rewriting”
Single-Tasking Focus
Removing Boilerplate Writing

Unique Rewriting and Boilerplate Reduction

All books contain “boilerplate”… introductions, outtros, story examples, plot points…these are things that can easily be included in every book you write – with the change of a few words you can easily knock 600 words off your writing, per book! (Meaning you only write 1900 words of the 2500)

But that’s only the start – not only can you knock 600 words of writing off your book, you can also produce hundreds of books on the same exact topic and each book be completely unique and loved by your audience.

Inside I’m going to show you those exact techniques and how to leverage them to build a short books empire!

Inside Shortblazer You’ll Discover:

How to Produce a 2500 Word Book In Less Than An Hour!
Why You Need to Reduce the Need to Think
How to Finally Have Loads of Kindle Shorts Released, All Bringing You in Royalties!
How to Bring Hundreds of Books to Kindle Shorts Within a Month…And Why Each Book is Powerful and Unique! (NOT Spamming Kindle Shorts With The Same Book)

Official Website Page : http://authorbooktraining.com/shortblazer/

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