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New Software Uses a Sneaky psychological Tactic That MULTIPLIES Your Traffic In JUST 60 Seconds.

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Re-Engager New Software Uses a Sneaky psychological Tactic That MULTIPLIES Your Traffic In JUST 60 Seconds.

Unless you’ve recently just started up your computer for the day or you’ve recently closed them all out, you’ve probably got several tabs up there…
That’s a big problem for you, because once they leave your website, the odds of them finding your tab and coming back are extremely low…
When you get 7, 8, 9+ browser tabs open, what do you normally do?

Do you circle back and go through each one, or do you just close the browser window and call it a day?

Most people, just don’t have the time or organization skills to go through each browser tab to figure out why they originally left the tab open…

You Work Too Hard To Get Visitors To Your Website…
It’s Important You Get The MOST Out Of The Traffic That You’re Getting…

We got together and realized that this was a big problem.

And it doesn’t matter how much traffic you’re currently getting or where it’s coming from.

Whether you’re buying traffic, using social media to drive traffic, doing SEO, or anything else..

And when someone leaves, you’ve likely lost them for good.

There are just too many distractions online.

You MUST bring them back before they close out their browser if you want to have any chance to convert them into opt-ins or sales.

What if there was a way to literally FORCE people to notice your tab and get them to come back to your site by using a powerful psychological tactic that works virtually every single time…

The good news is we were able to work with
a software guru, named Tim, to custom-create the perfect software solution to this BIG problem that all website owners face on a daily basis.

Someone is browsing your website, sales page, or opt-in page…

They get a message from Facebook, decide to check their email, or ultimately end up leaving your website…

If you have the Re-Engager software installed on your website, it forces them back by showing a “notification of message” in the browser tab..

And every day you wait to use RE-Engager is a day you could have had more clicks… more opt-ins… and more sales…

Official Sales Website Page : http://re-engager.com/sales_page/

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