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Commission HotShot PRO

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Commission HotShot PRO

“Watch Me LEVERAGE This FREE Buyer Traffic & Make

$789.80 In 19 Minutes

“With No Website, No List, No Social Media, No Paid Advertising,

No Chat Bots, No Funnels, And No Product Creation”


Commission HotShot PRO

Yes, you can make a lot of sales using paid traffic


 Problem #1

You need to spend Thousands of Dollars up-front

 Problem #2

The Advertising Guidelines Are Getting Stricter

…and the worst part?

  • The paid traffic providers like Facebook and Google are banning ad accounts left and right!
  • If every single one of your paid traffic campaigns isn’t up to their standards…


You can try to appeal that decision but in most cases, it won’t do anything…

That’s Why I Decided To Use Free Buyer Traffic

Commission HotShot PRO

Yes, you CAN get thousands of clicks with paid ads but keep in mind – you’ll be paying $0.50-$1.00 for each click!

I don’t know about you but, even I (a 6 figure marketer) can’t really afford it – especially because you’re not getting ANY kind of a guarantee of conversions…

You might make a few bucks in profit after the ad costs, you might break even, you might lose a couple hundreds dollars…

… or you might lose it ALL!

Say ‘NO’ To Paid Ads


What if you could get 100% Free Buyer Traffic that is super targeted, converts into sales and is completely hands off after the initial set up?

Would that affect your results online?

Of course it would!

Both Facebook and Google are in the top 3 websites in the world – and they want you to spend money on their ads.

But what if I told you you could use a Free Traffic formula I perfected instead, and still make bank, just like these Guru marketers, using paid traffic are?

This FREE Targeted Buyer Traffic formula works with:

There are tons of people out there wanting to buy what you’re selling…

and with this formula, you can get in front of their eyes – for FREE!

Commission Hotshot is ALL YOU NEED and the formula includes:


  • Stop spending hundreds/thousands of dollars on ads
  • Stop trying to find the right audience
  • Stop tracking & split-testing campaigns

You don’t have to worry about ROI (Return On Investment) – all the sales you make go directly into your pocket!

Commission Hotshot Is The Last Free Traffic & Commission Formula You’ll Ever Need

I Want You To Change Your Mentality
Think “Quality” Over “Quantity”


Some of the Gurus out there want you to believe that the only thing separating you from online profits is traffic.

Yes, you do need traffic – but not any kind of traffic.

I can buy 10,000 clicks today and get it delivered to me in minutes…

…and guess what – it would probably results in…


My $789 Case Study Reveals How To Get Free Traffic With:



The traffic I’m talking about is available on demand and in any niche!

Even the tiniest amounts convert into sales because it is Super Targeted.

You are actively targeting buyers – but without spending a dime…

Oh, and if you need more traffic or commissions, you just repeat this simple 3 step process again

Would You Agree?

That’s why the Commissions Hotshot formula works FAST!

No waiting for days or weeks, no testing, no tracking, no tweaking campaigns – NONE OF IT

You can always make more money if you have something that works in MINUTES, not days!

Time is the only thing that is equal for all of us – millionaires and newbies.

That’s why Commissions Hotshot is designed to work in minutes.

Commission Hotshot Saves You TWICE As Much Time

The whole formula takes MINUTES to implement – not hours, not days, not weeks
Once you’re done – that’s it – no re-visiting, tweaking, tracking or optimizing



Commission Hotshot is FAST!

It takes under 20 minutes to set up from scratch AND once you’re done with it, it works for you on Autopilot 24/7/365

But Art, Why Does This Traffic Convert At Such A High Rate?

Some of the “Gurus” out there want you to believe that TRAFFIC = MONEY


“High Quality Targeted Buyer Traffic = MONEY”

You’re NOT shooting in the dark here – you’re not in the ballpark with your audience…

You’re going after BUYERS who have their credit card out and want to BUY NOW.

Works In 3 Simple Steps:

That’s it! I made sure it is as Beginner Friendly as possible.

You DON’T need an existing email list, website, any online assets or marketing connections to start


You Find “The Right Offer” That People Want To Buy


You Go Through The Commission Hotshot Traffic Formula


You Withdraw Your Earnings Any Time You Want

STEP 4 (Optional)

You can do this over & over again and use the compounding effect to scale this up beyond your wildest dreams

The Best Part?

Facebook & Google Can’t Ban Your Ad Account – You’re Not Using It!

You are in full control here – no weird rules or guidelines to follow!

Facebook Ads & Google Ads are cracking down on the Make Money Online / Internet Marketing Niche…

You can’t show or promise results – you can show a before and after – you can’t even mention money.

The same with Fitness & Weight Loss, Health, Dating, Pets, Self-Improvement or any other niche!

It’s VERY HARD to sell anything this way… and yet you’re still paying for each click.

In fact I had a total of 6 FB Ad accounts banned…

With Commissions Hotshot you don’t have to worry about ANY of that!

No Worries About Getting Banned

You can do, say or promote anythign you want.

Any product, in any niche, with any kind of promo material.

You are in full control here…

That’s the way to go!

Commission Hotshot Makes You Sales While You Sleep

That’s right – after the initial set up I show you how to do, you will be enjoying passive traffic & sales.

This is super powerful, especially because you can immediately jump on the next traffic magnet!

No need to track or tweak any of your previous ones.

You can continue jumping from product to product and go nowhere…


You can use something that works – Commission Hotshot

Ok, Art – I’m in… But This Sounds Almost Too Good To Be True!

Commission Hotshot works with no previous online assets, like an email list or a website, and…

You Can Get Free Traffic In Any Niche
You Can Send It To Any Offer You Want
It Converts Into Sales Because You’re Going After Buyers
It’s Set & Forget

Let Me Answer TWO Questions That Are Probably On Your Mind Right Now…


Why Isn’t Everyone Doing This If It’s So Easy?

Well, to be completely honest – many people try, but 99% get it completely wrong. It took me years to master this formula and A LOT of testing and errors.

You get to skip straight to the front of the line and go directly to results – no testing, no stress, no headaches.


Is This Really “Newbie Friendly”?

Well. I hope you can follow simple instructions, because that’s all you need to do to make this work.

On top of that I’m including a bunch of additional resources, like cheat-sheets, check-lists, additional case studies and software!

With “Commission Hotshot”

Commission HotShot PRO

You Will Get To:

Get Free Targeted Buyer Traffic In Any Niche

See Real Results While Working Less Than 20 Minutes Per Day

Successfully Use A Formula 97% Of People Get Completely Wrong

Scale This Up As High As You Want To

And To Automate It All, We Include A Piece Of Software That Will


The Process While Saving You Money

We really wanted to make sure that you have everything you need to make this work in the first 24 hours of implementing it.

That’s why we include an automated software, which will make the whole process faster and stress free.

Use it to get traffic faster
No need to hire someone else for it
Saves you time
Saves you money
Puts you in control
Allows you to see results in the first 24 hours

Official Sales Website : Commission HotShot PRO