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CloudDefender + Developer Right

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How TO Turn Securing Sites Into Your Full Time Income-And Why it’s Easier Than Ever Right Now

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CloudDefender + Developer Right

CloudDefender + Developer Right

CloudDefender + Developer Right – How To Turn Securing Sites Into Your Full Time Income – And Why It’s Easier Than Ever Right NOW
Think Hackers Are Only After Huge Companies? Think Again …YOUR Money Sites Are At Risk Every Single Day!

“Attackers are exploiting any vulnerability they can to compromise websites and commandeer their host servers … Attackers target both large and small businesses … If there is profit to be made, attackers strike at will ”
Imagine – a visitor comes to one of YOUR sites and within seconds has their computer shut-down … and is told to pay to get a passcode to unlock their computer.

That, friends, is the end of your online reputation if it happens to you.

Hackers are ALWAYS testing the web for weakness. They practice – on servers like yours and mine – every day. If they find a vulnerability, they’ll jump in and do everything they can to steal your online assets.

WordPress Sites Are HIGHLY Targeted By Attackers
According to Securi’s Website Hacked Trend Report, in the first half of 2016 FOUR out of FIVE hacked sites were based on WordPress. There’s never been a MORE important time to secure your WP sites and servers.

Time For Some Good News!
As a niche marketer and consultant for over 12 years, I manage hundreds of profitable websites for both myself and clients.

Many years ago I personally had sites hacked and saw firsthand the damage it did to my profits. So have spent considerable time developing systems to prevent this from ever happening again.

And happily discovered that locking down my server and sites from attack came with an amazing bonus:
Discover the video topics and keywords with maximum profit potential…

How Does CloudDefender Protect My Sites AND Make Me Money?
It’s easy. Install the recommended plugins (all free), then follow the step by step modules to configure your settings. I show you EXACTLY how to do it.

Official Sales Website : https://clouddefender.co/

As soon as you’ve completed the simple steps, you’ll have locked down your server against scrapers, bad bot traffic and DdoS attacks. Meaning:

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