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Books Niche Empire + OTOs

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REVEALED FOR THE FIRST TIME​… the Best Way to SkyRocket Your Book Sales With Little to No Marketing

Salespage: Books Niche Empire

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Books Niche Empire + OTOs

Books Niche Empire + OTOs

REVEALED FOR THE FIRST TIME​… the Best Way to SkyRocket Your Book Sales With Little to No Marketing

Salespage: http://www.digiguru.biz/booksnicheempiresp/

Find out how you can bank 3 figure paydays selling books with very few pages & no author account
​Bank huge paydays even if you have ​no prowess to sell outside kindle or no reviews
​​Double you sales using this one SNEAKY Method!
​Learn to find topics that are making money
​Learn the ​secret to ranking on the first page of the amazon kindle/paperback results

The Secrets to finding a Profitable Kindle Niche is a lot like fishing. If you want to catch the best fish in the sea then you need to use the right bait. ​​​​

By choosing the right Niche & Keywords ​you could publish books that’ll get
the EYEBALLS from day one with little to no marketing at all.
And to do this you need not be a prolific writer or have thousands of followers

Dear Wannabe Publisher,

If you are reading this page then I am guessing you are either wanting to make passive income selling books or you have already published some books but the results​ are far from satisfactory.


Books Niche Empire + OTOs

You probably spent months locked in a room religiously ​cranking out page after page everyday, hoping to see your book become the next HOT BEST-SELLER!

​But far from being a best-seller your book does not appear even in the first page of kindle results. What’s even worse is the very same book for which you put all your blood, sweat and tears into has little to no sales.

On the contrary, your competitor’s books are selling a lot of copies with GLOWING 5-star reviews. Their covers are so damn UGLY that it’s not even worth calling them covers.

​And their books are so short, that it must have probably been an EASY-PEASY day’s worth of work for them.

​​So, what did all this mean to you? That you are not TALENTED or GIFTED? ​That Writing is not your FORTE? ​​Did all these thoughts of self-blame and pity start racing your mind and were you on the VERGE of giving it all up?

​​And ​How can I guess all this?

​I know exactly how you feel because a few years ago I made the same mistakes.​

I Knew Kindle Was Great! But Still, I Wasn’t​ Making
​ Enough to Make Up For What I Was Spending!​

​​I knew Kindle was great. People were making thousands, and a lucky few even millions by
self-publishing their books.

So, back in 2014, I jumped right in and started publishing my books. I hired a girl to market my courses for me, I got a lot of reviews (most of which were removed by Kindle, so don’t try to exchange reviews, they don’t work anymore).

​But still, I wasn’t making enough to make up for what I was spending.​

I wondered what I was doing wrong. Maybe I just wasn’t marketing the
books enough? Or Perhaps…​ ​

​My cover wasn’t professional enough!
My Book Description was horrible!
My book wasn’t long enough!
​​​ Finally I Learnt the Art of Making sales
With Little to no Marketing!

​While I was beating myself up about every little thing, one of my books hit the ground
running right after I published it. It wasn’t any different. It still had the crappy $5 cover
I had done for my other books. It was a short book, just like the others. The same
description, everything about it was the same!

But something was different this time. I went into research mode for the next few days,
and that’s when I stumbled on the secrets to successful self-publishing.

​I realized that I didn’t need to hire a marketing person, spend hours
exchanging reviews and my covers need not be worth 100s of dollars. ​

If I don’t choose the right topic, I can spend all the money in the world, and still
not make enough to stay in profit. But with the right niche, I can start making sales
with little to no marketing involved.

Since then, that’s what I’ve been doing. I’ve been releasing books in hand-picked,
highly targeted niches and they start making sales right off the bat, with no reviews
or marketing of any kind.

And Today I a​m Going to Spill all the Beans on
How You Can Build Your Own Profitable Book Empire

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