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The Powerful SUPER-COMBO Secret To ULTRA-Targeted Offline Consulting Leads That Will Leave Your Less Savvy Competitors Choking In Your Dust Wondering What Happened!

Salespage: Bingdin + OTOs

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Bingdin  The Powerful SUPER-COMBO Secret To ULTRA-Targeted Offline Consulting Leads That Will Leave Your Less Savvy Competitors Choking In Your Dust Wondering What Happened!

Howdy Fellow Consultant … I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you that having a consistent and predictable client getting strategy in place is the key to your business success.

In fact, most challenges in local consulting can be traced back to ineffective or inconsistent lead generation. But – once you ‘crack the code’ of consistent and reliable lead generation – everything else falls into place

So imagine being able to command all the highly-targeted leads like these you can handle while the rest of your offline consulting rivals are scratching around trying desperately to get enough leads to survive…

No need to just imagine, because you can be one of the very first to enjoy a truly unfair advantage over the rest of your offline consulting rivals with this powerful method that only became possible in the dying days of 2019

I was, of course, well aware that my so called ‘free’ methods of lead generation were anything but free, because I was spending the most precious currency of all – my time.

There is a platform solely dedicated to local businesses and business owners to deliver the best and most complete audience for offline marketers. You may have guessed it – Linkedin.

There’s no doubt the Linkedin Audience is nothing less than a “B2B Haven” for offline marketers…

…but there are definitely some shortcomings when it comes their ads arena. Things like super strict guidelines and higher costs cripples most inexperienced marketers..

“If I could somehow use their “close to perfect” offline audience on a less strict and more affordable platform..”

Stay with me because I will bring this all together in a moment…

For years, Lead generating with Bing has been my “Come hell or high water” method to get leads for my business on a shoe-string-budget.

So whether you’re happiest watching videos or reading a complete training manual, you’ll be delighted at the simplicity of the method …


  1. The first step to laser-targeted lead acquisition (miss this vital step at your peril).
  2. How deploying this SUPER-COMBO will sky-rocket your laser- targeted leads – while keeping your ad spend at rock bottom
  3. How the cost of your ads will be a fraction of advertising on Google or FaceBook – yet you’ll enjoy even better targeting.
  4. How to quickly create the ultimate advertising combo – and the essential step to enjoy that laser-accurate targeting.
  5. Creating the right campaign settings (this is vital and yet my method makes it so easy a child could do it).
  6. Why you will probably be the only consultant in your area clicking this very special link (because your rivals won’t even know it exists!)
  7. The vital art of choosing the right keywords – doing it this way makes it a slam dunk.
  8. Setting up your killer ad. You’ll have lead attracting sample ads in 5 top niches that will pull in clicks like it’s nothing! Just use these examples… rinse and repeat!
  9. The secret sauce that locks onto your perfect prospect with the accuracy of a GPS guided missile.
  10. The FATAL flaw in Facebook advertising (and why my way is better).

Official Website Sales Page : https://mikepaulonline.com/bingdin/

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