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Real requirements to create a website

Real requirements to create a website using wordpress

welcome Newbies – Many of them are interested to make money online – The thing is many of them are not aware of websites and they get their money lost and quit their online mission. So here we are going to guide you through simple process . we will recommend some of the best and leading companies that makes your websites stay live ,faster and more secure . we have taken many things as a challenge and done a lot practically to make a success path in the online industry

So what’s Needed to create a website

You need to buy a domain Name – ( Example :www.google.com , www.amazon.com , www.amazon.co.uk , www.bluehost.com etc… )

Then you need to buy a web hosting for your domain – Its a server without this No website would exist . Choosing the web hosting is the Tough situation there are lots of webhosting companies widely over the internet , you may have seen lots of ads and reviews . well we are going to tell you some famous webhosting that makes your site more powerful ,secure and faster . If you are going to create a woo-commerce website , a blog content website or any type of niche site then you go for these Four webhostings provided. Don’t skip this recommendation buy one of this to make success result.

WEBHOSTING for Newbies and Bloggers

Bluehost.comVisit Now

Hostgator.comVisit Now

Hostinger.comVisit Now

Siteground.comVisit Now

After this you will be Redirected to cpanel of the webhosting and you can Now install wordpress or anything in your website. we use wordpress its user friendly . wordpress can make your website like a dream you can do whatever you want. So Install wordpress and you will be adding your admin and password credentials to your site . Then after finishing you are in to website and your page is live . You want to decorate your website so we need Themes to make your site look more better for your customers. without this No one would stay in the site, There are lots of free themes available but we strongly recommend PREMIUM PLUGINS to your website.

After finishing theme Setup – you need install useful plugins . Plugins are the game changer of your website . There are many plugins free which you can see in your plugins section. But PRO version Plugins are always more powerful than free ones right , PRO Version plugins are always a bit cost higher but there is a cheap market around the web that many of them are not aware of . People always don’t search a lot for cheap they simply buy whatever it cost without Knowing . Our site has the cheapest Plugins everseen and updated .

Visit https://www.pluginswebstore.com/wordpress-plugins/

Ok thats all for now . See you on the next post. you may have still doupts , you can contact us via e-mail : [email protected] we are glad to help you always. Happy Creating website . we have lots of things to know….. Share us and repost our blog at your blog and lets start a new journey together.