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Hijackrr + OTOs Gets You Viral Traffic

Hijackrr + OTOs Gets You Viral Traffic

Hijackrr + OTOs Gets You Viral Traffic
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Hijackrr + OTOs

Hijackrr + OTOs Gets You Viral Traffic

Hijackrr is a WP plugin which makes it easy for you to capture leads and require their emails. Your CPA campaign fails because the visitors see no reason to trust your pages and that’s exactly what this plugin will help you. By hijacking on other popular sites, it increases trust in your websites. This plugin will promote your CPA by locking the content until the leads fill in your forms. Hijackrr allows you to show off viral content to attract curious cats, once they get inside and desperately want to open the Pandora box, you’re opt-in, or pop up will be their key. So, this plugin works effectively and safely for your sites. It even allows you to lock the video content from YouTube.

When people land on your webpage you could get them to like your social media pages, subscribe to your list, visit another page and things like that. That’s really all this plugin does and like we said, there are many free popup plugins. Every now and then we hope on Jvzoo to see if there are any interesting programs that can teach me something or that I can promote.

For some reason, we were fascinated by the name Hijackrr. we opened it up and saw the program is supposed to have the following features:

Now let’s revisit the plugin’s supposed features:

Easy to install and use: I agree with this. The plugin is beginner friendly and isn’t very complicated to understand and use.

Hijack the authority of any site within minutes: I don’t understand why this is even listed among the features at all. Did they forget to add this function to the plugin? I’m confused because no part of the plugin actually does anything like this….unless of course, there’s some magic in the UPSELLS!

Monetize any website you want: This is another example of ridiculous false promoting. You can’t get your affiliate links on Amazon or CNN. The plugin certainly cannot help you do that, so why are lying?


Get free viral traffic: Another lie. Hijackrr is a popup plugin. It does not bring traffic to your site. All it does is try to influence the decisions of people that are already on your site.

Boost your sales: I agree with this one. In my experience, popup signup forms tend to convert better than static signup forms. This plugin, like any other popup plugin, should help improve your sales and leads.

Quickly and friendly dashboard to install and use at ease.

Running well on both Mac and win, and compatible with Firefox, Chrome, Safari,…

No required tech or coding skills.

Get viral traffic in minutes with no cost.

Hijack on many popular sites CNN, BCC News, ESPN, Telegraph… quickly.

Able to lock the video from YouTube for customer information.

Show you’re opt-in to other websites.

Show your affiliate on other review sites.

Redirect to CPA offers automatically.

Monetize your sites within simple clicking.

Boost up your sale and increase the conversion efficiency.

Build huge stable lists for you.

It is suitable for all levels marketers and compatible with different devices & browser

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Hijackrr + OTOs Gets You Viral Traffic
$8 $23